Mind your manners…

Well here is a pet-peeve of mine…the lack of manners I see in the world today. I guess I come from one of those clans where the family name had to be kept pristine at all times. And not only the women but the men as well. There was hell to pay if it reached my grand mother’s ears that one of us had said or done something to embarrass her!

I saw many a member in my family irrespective of age get slapped for speaking out of turn; or saying any type of vulgarity- which in my grand mother’s estimation included street talk; sayings of any type -refranes in Spanish; and laughter that was gross and unseemly. Not that we were brought up to be puritanically prude and miserable- we all had our good laughs; my grand mother was a good story teller and could tell a joke like any good stand up comic. But she also knew there were limits to everything…

That is not what I see nowadays…everytime I get on the train I hear things best left said behind closed doors; people pushing, shoving, cursing like fishmongers…and it matters not where they are from -native or foreign, Muslim or Non-Muslim; everyone puts their two cents in…well more like dollar, (riyal, dirham, peso) the way things are going.

Even in places where manners should matter the most- like the Masajid, I find even there manners are missing by the ton…people insult each other; bully each other; demand in tones of slave-master to slave; interrupt prayer- where in the world do people get their reasoning that lack of manners is the mark of a person? And what set me off today? Well I heard and saw a man tell a 70-something woman when she said “excuse me” so she could pass -that she should get on the dirt path instead as she was leaving the Masjid to go to Iftar in the Masjid’s eating hall! The nerve!

Tell me reader your ickeest moment with manners…what made your blood roil enough to want to pull that person over your knee and give them a well deserved spanking?!

Because at the rate I see bad manners flowing- a paddle will be the next article of clothing I may just want to pick up!


2 Responses to “Mind your manners…”

  1. 1 basbousa
    September 28, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    Hi sister, sorry that I haven’t commented in a while. Ugh. Ramadan, you know…

    Hmmm… I get shocked by the way people speak, cursing in every other sentence, even in Ramadan. And I get furious by the fasting “brothers” that can’t even keep their eyes to their self this month. Makes you wonder…

  2. 2 INAL
    September 29, 2008 at 3:28 am

    That last habibti has been a recurring statement of all sisters in the Masjid…what on earth are they thinking!?!? Them eyes, them eyes…

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