Deck of Cards…

Dealing with certain people, at times, turns out like playing high stakes poker in Victorian times; where no one means what they say; say what they mean; represent themselves (in the flesh not the web-that’s another dimension altogether and not part of my rant) in a manner that somewhere will reveal itself; call your bluff if you happen not to trust where they are coming from (intentions, not location); or whip out the “ace card” to cry wolf when things don’t play out their way.

All of this is particularly annoying, and in some cases dangerous, among Muslims…

You see, everywhere you read or sit among Muslims, you are bound to get the schpeal about “pure” Islam and how Muslims are suppose to be this, that, or the other- the perfect humans who only live for Allah’s sake, who are one Ummah, who are brothers and sisters, yada, yada, yada…

For one thing, everyone who thinks seriously about things, knows theory and practice don’t usually equate; nor does Divine Thought with Human action- reality on the ground is different from Heaven, for very obvious reasons…

Secondly, the word “pure” does not apply to human action- there is always a reason for doing something- the baby will cry because its hurt, hungry, sick -as much as the person who prays does it for a variety of reasons; they need something, want to give thanks for what they have, asking for sabr -patience, etc. So, there is no action without some reason and purity has got nothing to do with “the price of coffee in Columbia”!

Now some Muslims would have you believe they haven’t a conniving neuron in them. They spew out memorized passages of selflessness that the Qur’an (rightly so- its God’s words) speaks of; but fail to see that Man’s hand in any cookie jar is bound to leave fingerprints. There is a large gap between what God says and what we do- its between heaven and earth to be precise. But you wonder what to believe of these people when you hear them talking about pure Islam yet would have another suffer their insults; their pettiness; their back biting and their crassness while pointing fingers and leaving their prints left and right.

The one finger you point towards the other is part of the four other fingers pointing back at you…

These are the same Muslims that in their so-called search for purity, forgetting you have a mind of your own, will play the game on you and deal you a deck of cards:

“Everyone is against Islam” card -No, people are against self serving Muslim humans -there is no beef against Allah or His Angels

“Its because of the West” card -get real you are not in the middle of the Dead Zone of the Arabian penninsula nor the Sahara 1400 years ago -its the 21st century -the flight you just took; the phone call you just answered and the food you just ate out of season is testament to the age and location you live in. Its impressive geography how North, South, East and West are all in one place -like the person from the far eastern region of the Indian Continent blaming the West- uh I think they are in the East on the other side of the Pacific!

“Muslims are only concerned with prayer and worship of Allah” card  -yeah and what is it you do the rest of the day; do you cheat; lie; meddle; connive; walking deaf, dumb, and blind to your actions? Or do you truly pick up the garbage from the floor so no one else will trip; you work to the best of your ability so that others know that it is your life’s work and your duty to do for those who are dependent on you; you raise your children to be well mannered and critical thinkers- not sheep going to slaughter? You pay your taxes?! No, that’s right you only pray all day…

“In Islam Women are jewels to be protected and cared for” card -those are God’s words- the amount of damage done to women however, is again testament to the reality of what goes on, on Earth and not in Heaven… Can’t see how a man can have more than one jewel and consider each as precious as the next one… Jewels in jewelry boxes can go for a long time without being appraised of their worth…

“You’ll be judged on the Day of Judgment for your action” card – actually you are judged everyday- but certain Muslims would have you believe consequence will only come on one day- ever heard of -for every action there is a reaction? None of it delayed by the way; there is instant gratification- the good one and the bad one; as well as consequences.

Then there is the “we are one Ummah- brothers and sisters to each other” card -if my family treated me like some Muslims treat each other – I would rather be an orphan. The so-called Ummah; like any family can be dysfunctional- and when you have cavalier actions; misguidance; hatred; bigotry- well its hard to believe that card could hold water…

I have seen in a particular Masjid (though I can imagine others may suffer this phenomenon) how people literally live in there- they spend every waking moment (like monks in a monastery) within its walls -they are beggars that could very well have productive lives -they are not sick; they are not missing a limb nor any of their senses and the majority are young…I am not talking of the old Hajji who has already lived a long life- I am talking about the teen; the twenty; thirty; forty year olds who are in your face every time you go to pray- in this particular Masjid one person alone can collect a $1000 a week in alms tax free! Now there’s a job, in this economy, if I have ever seen one! Cha-ching$$

These people act using the “holier than thou” card- I guess proximity to the Masjid is suppose to imply this- they will hang around meddling in your affairs- Brother haram that is not the proper way to do sujud; sister you are not properly covered that hijab is pinned up incorrectly; brother your job is haram; sister haram you don’t come around anymore have you been praying/ you need to stop working its haram for a woman to be outside her home (huh!?!); brother/sister if you don’t speak Arabic Allah will not accept your prayers; brother/sister you need to get married ASAP- I have a brother/sister that prays 5 times a day, wears the thobe above the ankle/abaya below the ankle with niqab (but doesn’t work, doesn’t have papers to be legally in the country, is an abuser/spent hard time in jail/is running from the authorities/owes a ton of taxes/actually is the worker not the owner of the business where they work 12 or 14 hours a day; is married back home with 8 children and you would be the cashier bank to prosperity; and are so set in their archaic ways they wear cement boots – all left unsaid of course -we are not supposed to back bite we pure ones) and the Sheikh agrees and tells you the same…

Or the “help a poor brother/sister out” card – the ones who weave a spider’s yarn about you about how they plan to do this or that to live as a “pure” (there goes that word again) Muslim should; but brother/sister in the meantime I need $300 to pay for my storage; can you help a brother/sister out and give them a corner in your home -we won’t stay long (just long enough to drive you crazy; take your food and money; get married, have the spouse live with us; set up a Beduin tent like in the times of the Sahaba in your living room) -you know we are one Ummah- brother and sister to each other…

Or the ones who come from other countries “where we know True Islam” card- in search of what in this “corrupt, decadent, unruly West” -is only known to Allah – who will group together and will cover for each other as they use and abuse the other Muslims not of their homeland and/or use and abuse the non-Muslim -because they are kafir (that word is another pet peeve of mine- there are more kafirs among Muslims than non-Muslims from their particular definition) and are not worthy of the a truthful, law abiding Muslim- the definition of Ummah refined huh?!

Then you see, hear or experience the ultimate card of a Muslim that takes on a job they know full well will demand certain criteria of them -of which they are not qualified for; can’t/shouldn’t do because of well the ultimate card “I am Muslim and they are discriminating against me”… I mean really, if you are a Muslim and you take a job at a bar where liquor is sold to the customers (that is why people go to bars- to socialize or not while having drinks); take up a job in a hospital in a particular field where people have to wear a particular type of clothing due to Universal Protocols; take a job at a retail store where it is imperative you have a cheery disposition and must smile to get the customers to buy and return for more goods on a continuous basis- and all this is against your application of your interpretation of what Islam in the Divine says- then guess what- you are not being discriminated against when you leave your job or are fired for non-compliance to that job’s code- you are being plain foolish!

Good enough to have some sense knocked into your more than slightly thick head. Of all the things you could do- you pick the very ones you know before hand are not suited for you- and you flash your card thinking to trump the game!


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