Apartment Living: When To Err Is…just crappy!!!

In NY, apartments are the way of life for many; you can cram more people per square foot; you can avoid the property taxes of an actual home and all other incidentals…


But whether you bought or rent- living in an apartment no matter how big- ours is pre-WWI -it can be hellish…


Today was one of those hellish moments…a pipe busted and water flowed like the Nile from our kitchen all the way into the foyer…Oy Vey!


What a mess! We rolled up our sweats and started throwing towels as fast as we could while one of us tried to shut off the water access to the pipe hubby to the rescue- while I geared myself for the angry tenant below: who has given me enough grief over the last 14 years to last me a lifetime!


Bucket upon bucket of water was collected; furniture moved especially antique wood ones-and sure enough there came the tenant from below with all the fury of Hell’s devils in the banging and ring of our door- I was almost up to my ankles in water summing up water damage as I wrung towel after towel; as my daughters; hubby banging away in the kitchen- all I could yell through the door was “sorry we had an accident, we are taking care of it, thank you!!!”.




Sorry was not what they wanted to hear-so of course I got every curse word known to the English speaking what-evers! Oh dear- but then again I’m just as a New Yorker as they come- and this was not intentional, auto-destruction of property- I yelled back” Yo man, we’re human; crap happens!”


That of course didn’t go over well either- uggh!


So fifteen minutes later I got the fire department trying to bust my door down- had it been a fire they wouldn’t have gotten here sooner!! Ugghhhh!


They sized-up the scene; my husband armed with a wrench could only lift his arms in frustration- the pipe busted- the fireman? “Sorry about the pipe lady; the super is on the way up” and into their walkie talkie “all clear, under control”… And the whole troop of four heavily armored; baton-down-the-hatch types stomped out our door…”somebody wipe down that muddy hall!”


Sigh, arm over frazzled hair (sorry that hijab never made it to my head- wasn’t thinking about what they would say with me in my rolled up sweats and thonged rubber slippers- nor cared- my hair wasn’t going to cover the cost of water damage- not Repunzel); twenty ruined towels; and the cost of it all -emotional, physical and whatnot- bean counters would have had a field day!


Now with the peace of the night shattered; we regroup, assess and just say ” cest la vie”… thump… crash… is that…. the kids from upstairs on “Speed Racer” mode !!!???


Apartment living, oy vey!!!


2 Responses to “Apartment Living: When To Err Is…just crappy!!!”

  1. January 1, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    What a nightmare story!
    As if you burst the waterpipe on purpose! Can’t you get damages from whoever rents you the appartment? Seems a very strange thing to me, having waterpipes bursting like that. Must be faulty maintanance!

  2. 2 INAL
    January 2, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Welcome to my humble corner Aafke!

    Actually these buildings- at least in the one I live and in the one my mother lives in; were built in the early 1900’s…We are the third tenant of this particular apartment! So the moldings, fixtures, floors are the original ones…the walls pristine as are the windows (though they were changed the year we moved in).

    A few years back something similar happened to a tenant a few floors above me- the cold water pipe in the shower wall burst…and it flooded all the bathrooms below…the tenant below us came up to scream at us and all threatening to sue us, yada, yada, yada…and the superintendent told him to knock it off- the culprit was a burst pipe some three floors above! And that no one was doing anything on purpose- the City had all of our bathrooms repaired with no cost to us…actually got brand new everything- we chose fixtures that would keep the feel of the era…

    But maintenance on these buildings is a hit and miss thing- being so old- I like the apartment because it huge and honestly inexpensive compared to what the market is at the moment…it is NY and things here a super-duper expensive!

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