Dilemma…Saga Continues

So the Masjid saga continues…. so far this month the Muslim Chaplaincy meeting has been rescheduled twice with the last one supposedly for tomorrow being cancelled indefinitely…why you might ask?…well the group is not prepared to speak of anything other than more space! So…

Visits to Patients on the units…

Distribution of Qur’ans and dhikr beads…

Coordination for training Muslim staff on Washing of the Dead…

Comfort services for Muslim patients in the Veteran’s units…

Special referral groups for Muslim patients in Rehab, Substance Abuse, Psych units…

On call Roster for both Shia and Sunni…etc…

All of this will have to…well, wait…because none have given it a thought. However they have given thought to how they will look if they have the biggest prayer space in any hospital in the US. Gosh, they want everyone to know they pray five times a day…but no one knows they can’t garner enough sympathy and compassion for the patients of the hospital to research and establish what is needed as Muslims and in most cases as foreigners with language, dietary, and other needs…

But one did ask, “Sister, we hear on TV people saying things like- If we don’t do something now; its our grandchildren who will pay the price, huh?”

Let me put it to you with some Islamic historical perspective -“If we had kept to the standards of the people who wrote all the laws, who researched every single saying of the Prophet SAW, who taught not only the Qur’an but the sciences as well, the inventors, map makers, builders…If we had kept to those standards we would not be at the bottom of the pile now with the donkeys, camels and jackasses!” Those glory days are gone; we buried them in the sand along with all of our dreams, hopes, and plans for a better day…we turned towards the past and have glorified it to the point that only a few things stand out…and those things are so out of proportion they sound too good to have ever been true- if they had been we would still see it in our people…

Sorry, but I don’t see it…if only 1% of the billion-something Muslims of the world have a plan, have hopes for a better future- well…we might as well pack and go home…the odds are against us…At least my personal experience is telling me this…one woman among 15 men- and none of these men can do anything other than clamor for space- more space, more space! Oy Vey!!!


2 Responses to “Dilemma…Saga Continues”

  1. March 5, 2009 at 11:31 am

    oi, how depressing, but you put it well into words. There’s so much talk about Islamic science and culture in the grey past, but nobody mentions that those days are defenitely over and Islam has moved firmly backwards since then…

    They only care about the prayerspace, because that will give them prestige. While actually doing something for the patiens, and make them more comfortable, will help a lot of fellow muslims, but will generally go unnoticed….

    As soon as being humble and actually helping others will give one more prestige as having a large prayer room, things will change… 🙄

    • 2 INAL
      March 5, 2009 at 2:50 pm

      Well our needs just became more apparent…one of the Psychiatric units has called on a patient that is asking for a Qur’an and an Imam…I have delivered the Qur’an; now let us see what the response to may page for an Imam will be, my other option if they don’t come through is to call the nearest Islamic Center.

      I would rather this group concentrated on patient care; the whole patient- than on demonstrations of “unity” by numbers when those numbers are cardboard cutups…oy!

      Even though there are a few who are pushing for better standards they are few and far apart from each other to make a “swarm” to push the issues to the forefront of our societies…their voices get lost in the sound bites of those who favor ignorance and backwardness…

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