Observations- our societies meeting in a clinical waiting area

So I am waiting for the Chief of Neurology and decide I’d just sit in the clinical area until she arrives…an excuse to see how our clinics intake system functions and also to get a feel of how patients deal with time in this area.

Languages, dress, mannerisms pin people from all over the world- the two Russian speaking ladies next to me (other than Da, Dosvedanya, volgo- I am most definitely not a speaker); the Spanish speaking ladies behind me (there I know the language like the back of my hand-probably better since who really knows the back of their hand); the silent Korean (I’m guessing since that is a major patient population for us) gentleman standing by the plexi-glass balcony- the African ladies with those beautiful head wraps in peacock colors- the South Asian couple; her sari showing between her sandled feet and her coat edge- the other South Asian couple- hijabed wife; bearded husband at the registration line… So many, many more on that particular floor, in that particular wing- the world before your eyes…

The flat screens showing announcements of public interest; showing patient education videos…

Overhead pages for staff…

An interesting place to watch- as an outsider looking in…

The way body language shows patience, irritation, confusion, expectation… They are all there for various reasons- this particular wing does not tell you immediately what all these patients have- to protect their privacy it doesn’t state one particular specialty is in session.

But if you sit long enough, like in any other clinic around the world, the Human Factor comes into play and you hear the stories- of illness; of family dynamics; of the best or worst doctors; of the medicines, of anything and everything…

The patient who will come to the defense of another be it by being the translator or facilitator for the other; advice on what to do to a question posed to the general public and someone across or behind you giving a suggestion -doesn’t matter if they have ever seen each other before or not- comraderie in a clinic is an interesting phenomenon…

So very interesting…


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