A Me day…

So… today is a Me Day…

I am on my own today…Hubby is on call; one daughter is in DC and the other in Connecticut… so…I get to do some of the things I normally don’t have time for…

Did some errands of the usual type; but not in the usual places…

Dean & DeLuca…splurged on kitchen items- two small natural britsle scrubbers and some haute cousine bread…that and a nice spice chai from across the street hit the spot in the early morning! Soho early morning is like a teenager bursting at the seams!

Little India…the Sari Palace is having it’s Annual Sale… bought a new sari -beautiful tapestery (in the Antique style) fabric in irridescent jewel tones for an upcoming function…wonder how to have the cholie made? Since its so regal I will ask it be made with a high back and half tibetan collar and scoop neck I saw in the movie Tehzeeb; and the material for a Shalwar Khameez for Didi to make for me- a beautiful yellow with a nice tight floral print for the tunic and solid yellow for the pants…the duputta is a breezy recreation of the tunic…can’t wait to show Didi!

Then sat at the corner Pizza shop with two thin crust slices and a Pepsi- shared the table with an old Tibetan lady in full regalia- she looked so regal; another young man who looked Chinese (but I could be wrong)…The owners are Mexican in the middle of Little India! New York what can I say… the shop is about eight feet wide and about 20 feet deep- its a non-stop cacophany of languages and clothes- the saris, the shalwars, the tibet robe and skirt sets, the jeans, the hijabs, the long braids…

Had to stop by the Bangles shop (actually one of many on the lane) to match up the bangles I wanted with the new sari and the Shalwar… ok so I can be just as Desi as the next girl! LOL

Next stop… Patel Brothers’ supermarket to get some chutney, some frozen somosas (sorry when on the go I can’t take the time to make them from scratch- and through the years I have tasted every brand so I know which ones taste like homemade to me); some veges and some spices (for when I do cook)…

Then it was off to the Threading Shop…go there all the time to have my eyebrows done (yes, I do have my eyebrows shaped what’s it to ya?) so it was a round of Namaste; kya hal he; thik he and what I needed done- have one person I like the best who signaled me with her eyes to sit as her head bopped up and down while she threaded the woman’s eyebrows… I get a crick in the neck looking at them- but they are quick, painless and true artists! Also she does my henna for parties and weddings when I want to go all out and extravagant (which is most of the time- I have a liking for the full gloved wedding look that ends where the churiya start…and since my husband loves the look too I make sure to do it often enough- though at the hospital it causes quite a stir- they know I have been to a wedding or party by just looking at my hands!…I wait while munching on shredded coconut which is put as part of the offering for clients…

Then down to the Indian Movie shop- literally down as some of these stores have open basements… browsed through the new titles… nothing caught my eye- but the Bhangra they were playing had my foot tapping- the guy who manns the shop knows my son- and asked how he was doing and all- I called my son up so they could have a short “What’up!!” session- the kid gave me a CD to send to my son who loves Bhangra- he’s got some friends in the Indian Navy and when they meet up- well…let’s just say they know how to party!

Stopped by the sweet shop to buy my favorites in an assorment package- the prices are fab since they don’t cater to tourists- just the natives that live in Jackson Heights and other New Yorkers like me who travel clear across town just to go there…took a chai to go as well…

On the way to the “7” line train I walked leisurely while eyeing the gold shops that line the street– o000h–hubby is so in trouble…saw a necklace set to die for! Oh! almost forgot to pick up my husband’s suit- we have another wedding to go to soon and he had ordered it a while back- nicely packed in its heavy plastic zippered bag it swings gently as I walk almost to the tune of the music from one shop…

I love coming here to Jackson Heights- the minute you get off the train you start smelling the spices; hearing the music from the different shops…today was Indian…next time I will cross to the other side where the Koreans have their shops…

That’s the great thing about being in New York- from posh… to Indian to Spanish to Korean all in one small section not more than four blocks squared… why would I want to live anywhere else!

So its back home…putting things away…called Didi to meet up after work at her shop on Tuesday to get the sari hemmed and cholie made with the fabric that comes extra…Knowing Didi she will probably have a suitable matching material in a solid color for me to mix and match…The discussion of the shalwar will take some doing- she’ll want me to get it done in the latest tighter style- me with the looser and more comfy style- we’ll butt heads over it for a good thrity minutes while we have tea and biscuits…and of course she’ll demand to see what churiya I bought to match… and then beam proudly when I produce them…she is old fashion in that way…plain arms are a no-no in her book.

…so I am going to settle down to round off my very Indian day with those somosas and chutney, chai and one of the older movies I have – “Jab we met” or maybe “Guru”…that should keep me occupied until hubby gets home…and since its Saturday its also let’s go out night… we have done it for many years and its a ritual we keep wherever we are… now, what should I wear…

Something to be said about continuity…


3 Responses to “A Me day…”

  1. March 31, 2009 at 10:24 am

    I sooo want to go shopping with you!

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