Sharing a bit here…

I have updated the “Home” page with some pictures and their appropriate captions…since the process of getting it right is a bit harder than I thought; I started with this set of pictures and I hope you enjoy them!

Again, I try not to include pictures with family except the one my husband said I should include for laughs- “Here Lies the Faceless One- Dearest Mom” joke…and its especially here where I still don’t break the rules! LOL

As I get the discs, thumb drives, and other photos that have yet to be scanned even after all these years; I will incorporate them…

I will make a sub page later on of those pictures by truly remarkable photographers showing those places we’ve been to as only they can show them; and also the “Bucket List” places we have in mind Insha’ Allah in the years to come…

As some of you may know; this is where I must make memories last for those around me, and for me as well…now is a good a time as any.



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