Chinatown…a follow up visit

So it was my follow-up visit today. I got such a deep massage; that when I finally got home I was knocked out cold! LOL

But the teas given for this particular session were changed slightly; C5,6 and 7 are behaving better- I have more movement without the pain that can come so sharply- Al-Hamdulillah! We did some exercises to help with flexibility- but I was warned no sudden movements.

Since I went with my friend Don and my daughter; I took the opportunity to have her checked as well- she is very sports active and has a very bad habit of cracking her back – she even startled the doctor when she demonstrated for him. He examined her- checked her pulses and surprised her by saying to her after a few questions- that her left knee was constantly bothering her. She was flabbergasted because she hadn’t told anyone. He explained to her why and what to do and not do to alleviate her pain- he gave her also some roots and herbs mixed especially for her to take at night before bedtime…and told her no fried foods! And to add to her diet ginger and some spices.

After Don also had his consultation, we walked for a while around Chinatown- today was absolutely beautiful day- warm and dry- and the streets were packed. But before we parted ways- he to get his daughter from Saturday school and we to go uptown to the movies, we went to one jewlery store that had the most magnificent finely crafted bracelets…delicate and ornate but not gaudy. He asked in Chinese the price for me and I was impressed as these bracelets sold in pairs were soled 24 karet gold.

From there we bought some cocunuts; had them opened and straws inserted- we sipped all the way to the train.

Then it was off to the movies; and some late lunch… my daughter needed to have her eyebrows done so I took her to a nearby threading place I know and she was happy as a clam!

From there it was homeward bound- the girls and their crew had a gathering and I decided what better thing than crash for a while…when hubby got in from his on-call shift- we went out for dinner at a nearby Spanish restaurant- the man has a liking for the Dominican flag- as we call it- of white rice, beans, beef stew, plantains and salad. All washed down with a cold glass non-alcoholic beer.

Then it was home… I hear the popcorn in the microwave- that means there is a movie about to start….

Ciao for now…


2 Responses to “Chinatown…a follow up visit”

  1. April 19, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    One of the most important things I found out about colon cleaning is you MUST juice fact for 3-5 days to get the OLD stuff out of your system. Of course clear the fasting with your doctor first.

    • 2 INAL
      April 19, 2009 at 3:04 pm

      Thanks Emma and Welcome; this particular health collaboration is with a number of doctors watching my every physical change; so its well coordinated. But really, thanks for the advice.

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