Saudi lingerie debate…racist or opportunist?

I have read about the lingerie boycott in KSA from Chez Chiara and from Susie, among other bloggers, knowing deep down that this effort will not bear fruit so easily.  I really don’t think KSA women have enough buying power to make any crack in the system of KSA commercial monopoly. It’s a Man’s World says the famous song; and in KSA it’s also about the “type” of men.

Saudi men are not private drivers, female shop salesmen, nor in construction brick laying levels. Yet it is agreed that non Saudi men can do all these things, and service women as well- drive them around;  measure them up for bras, undies “French Cut, Thong, Low risers, or the serviceable Granny style bloomer?!”:  if that wasn’t an intimate conversation then what is?- I don’t go up to totally strange men and give them my undies’ size! What the…?!  And woe be the bearded man who would dare tell me that he knows my bra size better than I do! He can keep his bird nest’s beard- but eyes and tongue need to be relinquished at the nearest fatwa center!

Never understood how Saudi Arabic translates “man, men, male” to mean “type, ethnic group, race”; but then again they do translate “female, feminine, woman” into “childish, idiotic, hysterical”… If what they are not saying is true- then only in Saudi Arabia is segregation necessary… Every where else the natives are not Saudi…Male “Saudi men” are the ones that want to be segregated from the world while in KSA…everyone can carry on as usual.

And if segregation is such a big deal- then why is it that when men do the buying in public shops- the salesmen definitely have an idea of the buyer’s wife’s most intimate parts- Don’t know the woman; but you know she’s a 36 DD! And don’t tell me they don’t entertain some thought about the woman things are being bought for?! The Black Abaya may not say much of the woman (except in “bling” countries), but the bra, the undies, the jeans, or t-shirts (take your pick) most certainly give the woman who will wear them some type of personality- her’s or the buyer’s is not relevant. It gives information “supposedly” we are not to tell across gender lines, according to segregation fetish bound fatwa spewers that would give you a death sentence! that is if you are Saudi only, or does everyone hang the same way?

The bottom line may be more about money- see money is not racist- just an opportunist. And until KSA women can garner the money to bring a few companies down- they may well be spinning wheels. The buying power that comes from markets being driven by specific supplier/buyer- they don’t buy/sell; the game shifts.  Obviously I’m simplifying a complex market of supply and demand, but the point of having the money and political backing to make it stick is not currently in the hands of KSA women. But I do pray and hope for the day a woman doesn’t have to ask for a man to buy, retrieve, or size her up for a bra and thong set, bloomer or whathaveyou!


2 Responses to “Saudi lingerie debate…racist or opportunist?”

  1. February 26, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    Hahaha….when I read this, I literally went into a phase of giggling, and wtf’s going on in my head.

    So, women in SA can’t own a driver’s lic, but can shop for styles of panties in front of a na-mehram! By God, where are the brains of the Saudi men?
    Lolz…damn this is funny and disturbing at the same time.

    • 2 INAL
      February 27, 2010 at 12:43 pm

      Welcome Ayesha, cup of shay- make yourself comfortable.

      The interesting thing I noted in comments from Saudi business was the theme of how ineffective it would be to have saleswomen- because one reason would be they would need to put up curtains in the windows of the store front and that would turn business away- well I guess they haven’t traveled much. Otherwise they would have seen that many shops world wide have their “window” displays in front of walls and curtains and use these enclosures to make thematic displays- hence “window shopping”! It has served shop owners for centuries!

      These Saudi businessmen need to expose themselves to the world marketing process! And KSA women should get savvier in pointing out these things. But then in Saudi things are never what they could, should be!

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