ever wonder…?

Ever wonder why certain news, comments, or ‘visions’ jerk your chain? I meaning really ‘mind-blowing’ jerk?

I have more than my share of pet peeves:

-kids who wear their pants below their butt cheeks, changing the way their body should naturally curve, how it should walk (I mean it has got to be uncomfortable thinking that if you didn’t tighten the belt around your thighs, you’ll be losing your pants on the side walk- sorry step over the mangled sprawler at the corner)

-americans that blame everyone and everyone that blames Americans for everything (we’re in this together we just don’t like our houses to be cargo space)- our’s should be/is greener you just don’t see it that way- yeah right

-inhumane treatment of people and other animals of this planet

-wet bathroom floors

-trash on the street

-people who talk into their blue-tooth devices looking, at least me, like they’ve lost a billion neurons or having taken to Star Trek movies- I’m a trekkie so I’m not dissing the series- but really once upon a time talking to yourself were grounds for mental confinement

-cell phone newbies that talk so loud into their callers ears, you’d honestly couldn’t help think the newbie needs to remember long distance doesn’t equate with hard of hearing

-human chameleons- the reptilian version is out of natural defense- what’s our excuse?

-not saying what you mean, not meaning what you say, and definitely not knowing the difference – I’m probably somebody’s pet peeve by now

-not always having all the keys to my personal space, eh but then again I don’t live in an island all unto myself

-people who don’t call or visit who say ‘where you have been’… Uh, down the hall

-getting emails that look like texting messages ‘ c u ltr, 2morow tkx’ -didn’t know emails now limit characters!

-you’re going where?(Yemen) are you crazy? -nope couldn’t be saner

-on the same lines… ‘You know its not safe there, they shoot people at the blink of an eye’ yea and so were the kids that got shot in ‘El Barrio’ (spanish Harlem) on their way to school

Life, ever wonder why it’s so God damn hard to live it lately?


2 Responses to “ever wonder…?”

  1. April 27, 2010 at 11:50 am

    What a great list! I love it. Wet bathroom floors pull my chain too 🙂

  2. 2 INAL
    May 8, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Not to mention they are a heart attack waiting to happen! LOL

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