the inner child

“Many people live in emotional darkness because they never fully enjoyed a child spirit in their overly serious lives. The child wanders homeless in the lives of many adults, who are captivated by psychologies of the ‘inner child’ and books and films of child-like fantasy, such as the stories of Harry Potter and the Disney movies. Modern society, so adult and sophisticated, so busy at work and serious about everything, has lost much of its childhood. Instead of playing actively and seriously, we let other people entertain us, and instead of enjoying a strong feeling of community, we are highly dependent on our electronic connections.”

When I read this a memory flashed. Sitting in Sana’a watching a group of grown women avidly watching on TV a cartoon movie. What caught my attention was their demeanor; child-like awe and wonder on their faces. Like watching my kids when they were toddlers and they would get caught entranced watching cartoons.

At the time I thought it strange that these women could remember everything about this cartoon movie; yet couldn’t tell me about an adult program that wasn’t say a music program or a comedy. The passage above now has me wondering. Could it be that these women had to grow-up so quickly they skipped their childhood; and it shows by their fascination with cartoons? If I compare this set of women with say the women I was surrounded up in the mountains; I would say the women of the mountains seemed more ‘rooted’. They were more down to earth and less inclined to want to sit in front of the TV to watch cartoons- they preferred historical dramas with story plots they identified with.

I guess they had a more robust childhood, if the comment above holds water- what is your opinion? Any parallels come to mind?


2 Responses to “the inner child”

  1. May 8, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Wow! What a beautiful post. I so want to relive my childhood. I had some very painful times but I want to be a child.

  2. 2 INAL
    May 8, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Suroor, I read that if we use our creativity- which you do use, we can connect with that inner child an express the things we were never able to before. By bringing forward our inner child we become more grounded adults. I think about this a lot. I look into my childhood and find those moments that were less than happy and try to see what I do now as an adult that is a reflection of that moment. Its painful sometimes; because as a child you had little control- but its worth shinning a light in there and telling your inner child that its ok to come out a play.

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