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Lately, to counter an almost inundated barrage of information I have to process, do, strategize, and delegate to; I try to read other things in “my time”. That space of time I dedicate exclusively to myself- to the exclusion of even my dear and lovable hubby! He has his own “my time” that we set up years ago because otherwise our lives would truly be work, kids, home, marriage responsibilities, etc. The individuals that we are would fade and that was a scary prospect to say the least.

So we headed to a therapist early in our marriage to help us develop solid coping skills, and tools to help us move forward- continuously as a result renewing our union. But we are human, and to err is most definitely human- so once in a while when the fabric of our lives starts to bleed one into the other we renew those skills and stick to our ‘my time’ with determination.

The books I have been re reading range from C G Jung, to Thomas Moore, to Robert Gerzon, to Mark Epstein, to Rumi, Hafiz, and Hamza Yusuf with his book Purification of the Heart. I have found that all talk about the Soul, Beginner’s Mind, and Fitra. All have different terminology, all come from different ‘religious’ traditions- but all speak to the one thing that we have that is endless, enormous, and with a capacity to help us life full, solid lives. Our Soul.

Being Muslim has never stopped me from reading the insights other religions offer. I have always encouraged my children because it breeds tolerance towards others. Mine isn’t better than yours. Mine is mine, and Yours is yours. Why because I feel secure in my faith that is based on spirituality and not on dogma. Gotten me into hot water for sure- but hasn’t shaken who I believe myself to be- Allah Knowing better than I.

This has allowed me to read with an open mind. And the expansion in me is worth every moment I spend solidifying my core beliefs. It most definitely helps with the stress of daily life- which everyone deals with at varying degrees. But it has also helped me view, say a diamond from each of its facets. None less than the other, all equally brilliant. And when ‘my time’ is over and I get back to the daily world, I come into it much more serene. Less knee jerk reactions- though it hasn’t stopped me from occasionally suffering from ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome! LOL


Commuter’s Book Corner – A New Tab

The Commuter’s Book Corner is a short listing of the books that are currently part of the bookbag/backpack paraphenalia as I commute to and from work every day. Some of them are part of the food for thought for my line of work; other’s are for historical background; some are being revisited because of an up coming project.

Check it it out, I have linked preview of the pages from those books that have it… I will periodically update the list -in no particular order- because I just read and read and read…

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