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Yemen Impressions: Shop ’til you drop… in an understated way

Yemeni are shopping… Oh you mean there are two upheavals going on!? Yemeni are also getting married, having babies, driving newer cars (bought in “dibei”), and if they have the mula attached to their household name then they are decorating…but in an understated way… Tariq Ali said there was wealth in Yemen but subtle in its use and careful in its presentation…

Says who!? Well the amount of department stores being built and used daily until the wee hours of the night, for one. Or better yet, the quality of the products being bought- take a stroll around “Turkish City” the Better Homes & Gardens Yemeni equivalent to Crate & Barrel, Bed-Bath-& Beyond, Macy’s, and Ikea rolled into one with a touch of Linens & Things, Sears, Spiegel and Home Depot/Loews… This store says “I know what I want and where it goes”…did I tell you that the female shoppers outweigh the male ones? In Yemen?! No!!! Yep…

So something is changing… I see it in the homes I visited in Sana’a – there is a distinction rising and its pretty interesting…

Guess its not all bazooka toting Houtis- by the way didn’t see one- the Houti nor the bazooka!

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Muslim Fashionistas…

I saw this video clip about the different trends in the Muslim world when it comes to fashion. Of course I’m partial to Rabia Z, so indulge me for a moment!!! Hope you can watch it….Cover me Beautiful.

Oh, and if you haven’t clicked on the blog roll where I have some fashion sites- Caribmuslimah is a nice and creative site for us girlies in non-abaya wearing countries. And for those who are in abaya wearing areas, I have found this site very interesting…Covered in Fashion

Because all discussions about the West vs East  that start out with social interaction, ends up with the ubiquitous sexual and moral content of the West – bad and East- good. I think its time people would understand that we can’t deal with the broad strokes many like to indulge in while bashing. Hey I can bash with the rest of them, but I do like wearing hijab daily; when I must I wear abaya and hijab; when absolutely imperative I’ll wear the Abaya and Niqab… But some people would like that Muslim dress to be as tasteless and colorless (black doesn’t count as color in this case) as possible… Sorry I’m female, feminine, and Muslim among other things… My morals are not on my clothes, they’re in my mind and soul. Outward expressions of that morality is my interpretation and expression. If I have been married to a Yemeni for almost three decades; and he has not blown a casket over my fashion style – then I’m doing OK… not because he necessarily approves; but because I know who, and what I am. Comfortable in my skin, and very much aware of my age, my surroundings, and my limitations. So bring on the color! Bring on the beautiful hijabs, dresses, coats, and bling abayas (not that I would wear some of the ones I’ve seen- but hey! to each his own)! Plus all the other stuff I love to wear on a daily basis! Que Viva la Muslima Fashionista!!


Islamic Fashion for the American Muslimah

I link to a few bloggers whose main posts are about Islamic Fashion- but one of the best ones in my opinion is Caribmuslimah. She is an inspiration of style and taste for the American Muslimat; especially for those of us who lead lives outside our homes; and for our teenagers who do want to be hip and Islamic at the same time.

I hope and pray one day she is recognized for her sense of style and can be our very own Tim Gunn (and if you follow the fashion world, you know his words of advice are not contradicted- he knows his business).

So here is my heart felt encouragement to Caribmuslimah, may you use this gift you have to the best of your ability and for the benefit of all of us who daily say “What in the world am I going to wear with my hijab?”

You go girl!


An apology…

My most favorite Hijab Style site has been under attack lately by well meaning sisters, Allahu Allam, on what is correct hijab or not; even when this beautiful site explores the artistry of fashion in hijab.

It is a site that delights the eyes, the senses in its beautiful display of color and imagery; but sadly enough it can also be seen by some, and I must put myself there first, as a place to defend or attack how we use hijab.

This site is a window to what is Haute Couture in Hijab Fashion; it is not a place where those who admire the pictures should be seen as senseless women who have no clue what Haute Couture means; on the contrary it is a place where you come, you watch the fashion show; you dream and you adapt what you see into something you can wear if you so choose. The women who post there are 99.9% of the time aware that what we see doesn’t automatically translate to what we would wear.

It is a site of inspiration, a place – again I reiterate -to dream of nice colors and things.

But sadly, those who believe blindly that we are mindless boobies who see fashion and automatically go buy it; are missing the point big time. I apologize to Basbousa profusely; because I am most passionate about giving a woman due credit for her intelligence; perception; understanding and implementation of what she believes is right. I seriously and passionately don’t believe another has the right to tell a woman that her watching a butterfly does not equate to becoming a butterfly -because it is demeaning to that woman’s mentality and personality to assume she is clueless in the world and believes that watching a butterfly will turn her into one, in this case – hijab fashionista.

We are all at different stages in hijab as many sisters have pointed out- and only Allah can Judge us- so we will have to contend with His Judgement alone. I have seen more Sisters stop using hijab or leave Islam because well meaning sisters push on them their brand of veiling.

To you Basbousa, again I sincerely apologize that I have let my mouth run when I see women being attacked under the pretense that we should know better. WE DO KNOW BETTER- but we also know that Allah created color, texture, diversity and variety for a reason, a season and a lifetime- We choose to rejoice in this Creation- whether we choose to wear it or not as shown!

My sincerest apologies because I would never want a sister to stop visiting your site -and therefore changing the atmosphere so pleasantly found there. I for one will try, please do say dua’s for me, to not answer to the comments that I know will end up having me rant and rave because I so passionately believe that what you do is a good thing for us…

The world without sunshine is a dead and cold world…


Dream Space…

My daughter is a Fashionista of the First Order. So momsy dearest has saved on favorites the creative site –Polyvore  on the lap top- sort of giving her, her favorite dessert! LOL I can see it now, or actually hear it- The drooling over the creations as she saves each and everyone of her drafts! My other Graff Artist of a daughter will redefine the word Graffiti for sure!

Though that probably means that I will have to get myself another lap top for Eid! LOL – I will have to “break arm” to get them to let me use it otherwise 🙂 

Nifty when a website can offer dream space!

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