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Gandhi… and becoming a Great Soul

“You must be the change you want to see in the world,” said “Mahatma” Gandhi who led India to independence and inspired human rights movements worldwide.

Spirituality & Health magazine’s March/April issue delved into the nurturing of a great soul. What it means and how to go about it in your daily life. Not all of us are destined for “public” greatness, but we all have the potential for “personal” greatness. “What ever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

The Simple Foundations of a Legacy: Gandhi seemed, or did not aspire to greatness. He did however, hold on steadfastly to simple practices. He did not want us to lose our faith in humanity:  “Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

While believing and trying to have the freedom to fully express his own personality, he warns us that even the wisest can take a wrong turn. “It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom.”

We are asked to:

  • Recognize that we are always changing
  • Recognize that we are not always the best judges of ourselves
  • Reach out to get help and to inspire others

“What we practice is who we are”

Excerpts from “Three Bold Steps to become the Great Soul You Are.” by Stephen Kiesling Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health

Parenting, Tibetan Style…

  • Start with the spirit– Young children learn to prostrate themselves, hold their hands in prayer, and make offerings of candles, butter lamps, and incense, even before language occurs.
  • Practice Harmony– Children are encouraged to be harmonious first and foremost. Tibetan parents praise the act of giving and creating peace among siblings. Other nationalities often focus upon who’s “right” and “wrong” creating a sense of “justice” versus “harmony”. Tibetan children also learn about the continuity and preciousness of all life. Parents teach children to honor each insect, [each being],  Its common occurrence to see a three-year old in a class room “needing to leave” to bring a bug to safety outside and away from stomping feet.
  • Make everything meaningful- Mindfully parenting and honoring each step of a child’s development is the Tibetan way. Its thought that the more you celebrate milestones (first step, smile, mantra recitation, first doll made, first game played) the more a child is connected to his “beginner’s mind” or mind of purity. It is thought that joyful impressions upon a child’s mind calms his or her mental state, thus creating a safe, psychic space.
From Parenting, Tibetan Style by Maureen Heally – of Spirituality & Health

nursing…a misunderstood and maligned profession in KSA

Recently in Arab News there was a short article on nurses in KSA and how many Saudi nurses (women in this case) had to resign their posts, and maybe even the profession (though not explicitly stated it seems by the article that for some that’s how it ends). I read the comments and as always the ‘mixing’ of genders was a natural argument for some. For others it was equating nurses to medical maids.

The nursing profession has evolved during the last century into a hard-wired niche in the healthcare system. It has become in many countries much more than taking temperature, blood pressure, administering medicine, and washing of sick bodies. The nurses of today dictate surgical practice as seen by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), they are leaders in data collection for a variety of diseases, drivers of medical guidelines and policies, and staunch mediators for the sick and ‘unhealthy’. As nurse practitioners they have acquired an autonomy not envisioned by Florence Nightingale and her contemporaries.

So why is nursing viewed as a ‘humiliating’, ‘degrading’ profession in places like Saudi Arabia? Why are women discouraged from being part of one of the most satisfying and productive professions? Is the concept of sickness so repugnant to Saudis that the best they will want to do is visit the sick and maybe in some unconscious way show off their health to the one who at the moment lacks it? Is a sick person equated with unclean, and therefore untouchable?

I have a problem with that. I also have a problem with certain people who view caring for the sick beneath them. In my nuclear family my eldest daughter is studying to be a nurse. My youngest daughter is studying very hard to be able to enter medical school to become a surgeon. In my extended Muslim family already one of my sister-in-laws is certified to take blood, administer IVs and care for a bed bound person. We applaud and encourage these professions. What could possibly be wrong with keeping a life as healthy as possible or help to bring it back to health?

Should trends like the one in KSA continue, the only healthcare providers will be foreigners. Is this what Saudis want? Do they want the responsibility of caring for their own flesh and blood only in the hands of those who are not Saudi? Is it because they don’t care for their own? Is it because they feel as long as they are healthy they don’t have to look at those who are not? Is it because as long as a foreigner does it its ok? This all seems heartless and unfair for the one who is sick in need of assistance.

I would prefer for Saudis to ‘one up’ everyone around the world and produce not only the best Saudi doctors, but also the best Saudi nurses to rival the rest of the world. Now that would be something I would write in their books a thousand times over as a best deed for Allah to review.

But in the meantime all we hear is men and women spouting idiotic excuses and so called Islamic pronouncements on mixing, on men not bearing the touch of their women after they have touched a sick person. So start with male nurses in male hospitals with male doctors. Start at the same time female hospitals with female doctors and female nurses all so good the world would flock to your doors for medical help. But then again that in itself would only hold until the first boy is born in a female hospital.

Because the Prophet SAW brought the women to the battle field to tend to the wounded and probably the dead; and because there was a time in Islamic Civilization when hospices and hospitals were their forte; and because the Qur’an reminds us life is precious – I hope Muslim countries turn towards their own and build their people up, both genders, and be proud of the work they do, honoring their dedication.

From :
And their article on Nurses as Power Users:



my boss an update

My boss alhamdulillah came out of the surgery with no complications- he wrote he looks like a pirate who got his throat slashed, and he imagines the kids would run for the hills! He can’t speak so he sends emails, even when we are right in front of him! LOL! But he’s a trooper- it will be a few weeks before he’s back to work. Doctors say he will need chemo and radiation but he’s had so much of it already and they are looking to see what’s the alternative for the moment. My boss writes he already feels like a glow worm!

His wife is devastated because she fears loosing him; knowing what he went through before. We take turns sitting with him so she can take walks to clear her mind and have a good cry- not wanting him to see her freaking out…

Life is definitely nor a bowl of cherries- sometimes its lemons- so we make lemonade…


Due to Swine Flu Spread- Some additions to Wash your Hands; Save a Life Tab

Considering the rising toll of victims of the Swine Flu (no you don’t get it from eating Pork- so the gloaters better tap it down a bit)-I have added a sub page that has all the latest news I have been able to garner on the Swine Flu as it comes to me.

But it continues to be EXTREMELY important that you wash your hands before and after eating- and especially with strong soap after going to the bathroom!


Chinatown…last treatment for the next twenty one days

So tonight after work went for my last set of deep massages- my neck feels a lot better; and I sleep like a rock- Do rocks sleep anyway?! LOL

Let’s see how the next few weeks progress; hoping to take off Friday if all goes well with my planned agenda of tomorrow and the day after…because today I was actually not focused…but then again my boss is in the hospital; he his getting a pacemaker installed tomorrow and well…you know stuff happens in between the pauses.

So I am cooking up one of my nightly teas and then its cuddle time- with me probably falling asleep by the time the pillow touches me…Hubby is on call tonight so he has a busy night…may he find some time to grab some shut-eye. Insha’ Allah!



Chinese Medicine Man…

Today one of the Cabinet Members of our Administration took me to see a Chinese Medicine Man a Master re-known around the world- but very humble and unassuming, down in Chinatown.

He heard my complaints especially since my neurological problems are worsening- and honestly, I will try anything but surgery to get better… He check my pulse and also other aspects of my body- my eyes- my tongue; and then he had me sit with my back to him in a “warrior” position- where you put your hand on your upper thighs and then open your back as your arms also open outwards…

He started massaging my neck and worked his way down into those vertebrae that have been causing me so much trouble- The message was a deep one and I felt every bone, every tendon, and every muscle.

Then I was “manipulated into various positions while sitting. When I got up he asked I felt- I have to says the pain in my neck was less…Then came the acupuncture- I have high tolerance for pain- so I didn’t feel the more than 100 needles he stuck all over my body. He then put on a very hot light to shine on my body and said that I would soon feel sleepy- I do not think he had finished the sentence before I was out like a light! LOL

He left me like this for about an hour it seemed- then in the same sequence the needles were inserted they were removed.


I felt a little numb and wobbly but he said that would pass. Next was a leather like patch that was headed and put onto the cervical areas that were affected…I am to keep in on always- I can take it off to shower and then heat it up with ah hair dryer and put it back on.

Last were three sets of herbs and roots; each packed fro every day I was to drink the one cup that would be made out of four cups of water put in for it to boil then simmer. I was to return on Saturday for my next treatment.

When I returned to my office, I felt a bit stronger; he had told me to continue my medications until me own doctor started to bring the dosage down- that she has already started.

People took one look at me and said I looked to peaceful and rested…I felt it too! The Chinese Medicine man did tell me I would be very sleepy at night, and to drink the tea right before bedtime.

I will keep you posted on my adventures with alternative medicine and how it affects my condition.

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