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I have updated some pages previously posted to contain pictures of similarities where ever possible. Yeah, yeah the family rule and all that! The link to My Space with the music playlists has been reconnected and updated. A Music Page – Singers/Writers composers are of pictures of the songs within my playlists. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Disasters turned into Miracles

Yesterday flawless execution of protocol saved the lives of 155 people on US Airways flight out of La Guardia Airport.

When you follow the rules; the checklists; read those flight safety cards – you are contributing to a system that works for you in a time of crisis…

Bravo to the Pilot, to the teams that jumped into action on both sides of the Henry Hudson river. And to every passenger who made a decision to keep their cool and follow the rules, Bravisimo! You are alive Thank God to see another beautiful day!


Details… for what its worth

One of the blog sites I have started coming back to is the thought provoking Achelois: a retired goddess. Recently she brought up the issue of details- in what we do; know; hear; read about in Islam, in life… I agree that sometimes there are things better left not known- like particular details on death and the afterlife or the Prophet’s (SAW) private life… anybody’s life…TMI

Would knowing certain/all details make us better people?

Is our life the sum value of our known details? Or the unknown ones?

Is our value lesser or greater… Because of minutiae?

TMI- I say its there for a reason….when death comes a callin’; and those “things” that color because they do – there is such a thing as information overload…language upset…thought indigestion


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Its cold enough for a brain freeze today… a hot cup and heck a kettle full of steaming brew of chocolate-thick and creamy…good books, a laptop with internet and a good list of movies and programs to watch… food in the fridge!

Its a perfect day for staying at home and doing a pijama day of it… when it gets this cold all you want to say is

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

hmm weekends…

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